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Can porno videos be used in good reasons like using it as a sex teacher?
We can see porno videos and cds banned. We also know that it does many harm to our soceity specially to the younger generations. But can it be used in good reasons like a sex teacher?
PORN is totally disrespectful of both our Creator, & his creation (women in particular). . .

The ONLY thing it teaches is DISrespect & Utter DISregard for God's principles & wishes, as well as his creations' well-being . . .

The only good thing that can be taught regarding it, is to avoid it like the plague.

"Pornography--Is It Just a Harmless Diversion?"
- The Bible Is Frank About Sex
- Pornography Distorts Sex & one's view of the opposite sex
- The Bible and Lust
- Pornography Corrupts

"Internet Pornography---What Harm Can It Do . . . ?" :
- Pornography Goes On-Line - Is It Really So Harmful?
- Protect Yourself and Those You Love
- Protect Guyren From Pornography
- More Than Idle Chatter
Leah Lust video? Where can I find the official Leah Lust My First Sex Teacher Video or Leah Lust Trailer?
I just recently heard about this pornstar named Leah Lust, and apparently she's going on the Maury show? Anyway Leah Lust is a former teacher from Florida named Tiffany Shepard, and she got fired and can't get another teaching job. I'm trying to find this My First Sex Teacher porn video but when I search in google all I get is a bunch of news articles. Can anybody give me official links to the real Leah Lust video? Please let it be a safe link where I won't get any viruses :/
i found it on btjunkie.org,bt it has nt been verified
Where can I watch Devon Michaels videos for free?
I love porno star Devon Michaels but I can't find much video of her.
I'm specially intereste in her My First Sex Teacher video from Naughty America.

Do you think that teacher who accidentally sent out her sex tape mixed with the 5th grade school video feels?

Ya know that teacher in sacramento who accidentally taped video of like a 5th grade school trip with her sex tape. So like when the video ends it goes to her getting boned on the coach. Do you think she feels embarrassed?
Yeh i'm pretty sure she would. Wouldn't you feel embarassed?
Why are So many Teachers having sex with there Students?
Allegedly Obsessed Teacher Arrested


Massachusetts middle school teacher accused of having sex with student hundreds of times. They started having sex when the student was 13 years old and continued till he was 16. The relationship would come to unravel when the school teacher became jealous with the 16 year old talking to girls his own age.
i believe cases are becoming more prevalent today only because people are coming forward and saying something. there are countless stories of priests abusing guyren in their care back from the 1970s. i believe that teacher-student relationships are on the rise because of the changing nature between teachers and students where the simple relationship has become so much more relaxed and friendlier rather than the teacher being authoritative and off boundaries. students are going to their teachers for their personal problems because they see them as approachable whereby the teachers are taking advantage of the vulnerable naive state that the student is in. a thirteen year old is one year off being classified as a guy, they have not the ability to consent to sex. i believe that this mindset continues even when they are 16 years old because they know no different from such a young age.
Is It Okay For a Teacher To have Sex With Her Student If He is 18?
Teacher Caught With Her Pants Down
A Michigan teacher is on trial for allegedly having sex with one of her students in a car. This sex scene was in view of other students that were walking by the car.

I say no.
I just think it causes to many emotional problems.
I think it would lead to much favortism.
My Biology Teacher had sex with his student last year. Cant he get fired?
Everyone said that the biology teacher i have right now had sex with an 18 year old student last year. And its beleivable and true because he always have the hottest and cutest girl around him(lol) and makes a seating chart of most of the girls located near his desk, and they are only 16. Is there any way i can get him fired? they said they caught him last year but the student was 18 and so he didnt get fired.

I freaking hate him, he NEVER teaches the class, all he does is give out work and put on videos, also give girls that are around him good grades when they dont do anything. Is there a way to get him fired right now for what he did last year? I really want to stop this fool, its rediculous. and btw, hes 39 years old..
You...are a dumbass.
Sounds like to me you have a lot of built up hate against him and you are willing to take any rumor about him seriously. Trust me, if it was true it would have made headlines. Maybe not national headlines, but local, or something. Age doesn't matter when it comes to the whole teacher/student relationship. Stop beliveing what people in your school are telling you. Grow up.
I found porn of my teacher, do I turn it in to the principal or not?
I just found a video of my teacher doing lesbian sex. Should I turn it in or let it slide and forget about it because it might get her fired.
do not hand that it in, but dont lose it. A. it could prove very useful and B. its awesome
Your thoughts on the sex education teacher who pled guilty to teaching more than he should have?
"A Spruce Grove junior high school teacher has admitted having sexual encounters with a 14-year-old student who was smitten with him, including having sex in a classroom.

Brian Douglas Nickel, 45, yesterday pleaded guilty in Stony Plain provincial court to sexual interference, making guy porn and two counts of possession of guy porn.

As well, the suspended science and sex education teacher at St. Marguerite Catholic School has admitted to having nearly 900 explicit images of guy pornography and eight guy porn videos on his laptop computer.

The collection of filth includes a video he secretly made using a hidden camera of a 16-year-old friend of his daughter's having a shower in a bathroom at their Edmonton home while the girl was there for a sleepover."


How does this happen in a "christian" school? I suppose this man wasn't a "true" christian?"
He should have his penis cut off and be put in jail. I think that people like Mary K Letourneau should also be punished to the full extent of the law.

Abusing a guy is abusing a guy.
Chem teacher accidently showed sex tape disgusted for life?
well on friday my chem teacher was showing a video of his other classes making projects for his class when a clip of his sex tape showed up. I have to say it was the most disgusting thing I have experienced in my sophomore life. It was really awkward and gross. So my question is do you guys have any stories like that? Has something like that happened to you?
post your stories b/c it will be interesting to hear
I do have a story like that actually!

In like grade 9, me and some friends in video class were choosing a tape we could record over. Well we found a tape of our 60+ year old drama teacher and her husband, the vice principal, have some really nasty old people sex! It was AWWWFUL! We put that tape away and never spoke of it again!

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