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Peeping Tom???
I appear to have a "Peeping Tom," and/or stalker. I've encountered several instances where someone was attempting to look through my bedroom window. Once was at 3:00am, another at 7:30am. We are looking into getting a security systemt, motion sensors, etc. Does anyone know of any good, reasonably priced home security devices? I was thinking of getting something for my window specifically, since the encounters have occurred on my end of our 3 bedroom town home.
Yeah, get yourself a big dog. Or def. get those motion sensors and put them at the front door, back door and outside your window. Do you think its your ex? Security systems are very expensive and since you dont own the place I dont think it would be wise to have one installed. the motion lights are enough to scare them away.
Peeping tom?
Has it ever been true,that if a man looks over into next doors back grden and sees a naked woman on a li-lo, he can be done for being a peeping tom.Whereas if a woman looks over into next doors garden and sees a naked man on a li-lo, he can be done for indecent exposure?
Sounds about right.
What do the words peep show and peeping Tom refer to? Is it a form of stalking?
Does a peeping Tom do a peep show? Thanks.

or when someone is "peeping" seeing u undressing;…
Landscape suggestions to keep out 13 year old peeping Tom?
My roommate & I love to lay in the sun by our pool topless. With minimun half acre zoning our our neighbors aren't a problem. We have tons of privacy. the property is fenced in, heavy with mature bushes and the like. The pool area is even more private as it has buildings on 3 sides & the area above has 15 ft tall Xylosma congestun. Lately our neighbor's 13 year old son a a friend have been sneaking in from above & hide in the Xylosmas spying on us from above. Forget talking to his parents & calling the Sheriff way out here for a peeping Tom is crazy. Any suggestions for a landscape cure to our problem? Our fences are at zoneing limits & the boys still climb over. Help.
MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE! As a Master Gardener I am often called upon to speak at Neighborhood Watch Meeting on the subject of landscaping for home security. The Xylosma gave me a good idea of where you live & if I'm right, you have a steep pool bank behind your pool with a flatter area behind. I assume the Xylosma are planted on the crest? The boys just push thru & have a great view, yet remain pretty much hidden from your view. Am I close? I bet I'm right on the money? Okay, here's what you do.... the area where the boys are climbing over must have a object assisting them on their side. With max zoning fence, they couldn't clear it on their own. Find where they are coming over and plant several Pyracantha. An attractive, fast growing shrub. Easy care & low water use. The more common name is FIRETHORN & if you have ever bumped one, you know how it got it's name.
Behind the Xyosmas, plant a neat row of Carissa macrocarpa. Natal Plum. Fast growing, nice looking, easy care, low water use shrub. It's flagrant white flowers hide a surprize that has distroyed the plans of many a burglar. The spines along it's branches will more then discourage even a 13 year old in puberty.
If you start planting now, you'll still have time this season for a good skinny dip.
Is it just my impression, or is Wee Willie Winkie a peeping tom?
Wee Willie Winkie, running through the town
Upstairs, downstairs, in his NIGHTGOWN.
PEEPING through the windows, crying through the locks,
Are the guyren in their beds? It's past 8 o'clock.

Listening to this nursery rhyme with my guys, I thought about the words.

Is it just my impression, or is Wee Willie Winkie a peeping tom?
This poem dates back to the Commonwealth in England. Wee Willie was a public figure who made a lot of unnecessary rules for everyone to follow (like putting guys to bed by a certain hour). It was Puritan England and government butted into private lives a lot.

Now if you want a juicy one......

Rub a dub dub,
Three men in a tub,
And who do you think they be?
The butcher, the baker,
The candlestick maker.
Turn them out, knaves all three!

These three worthy gentlemen were all seen at a peepshow together. One of them was the mayor, but I don't remember which.

Oh, and there's

Hey, diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the moon
The little dog laughed to see such sport
And the Dish ran away with the Spoon.

The important event in that one was the elopement of the Dish (the lord who took care of the royal dishes) with the Spoon (the royal taster) of Queen Elizabeth I. The rest refers to how Queen Elizabeth played with her court (she was the cat), the lavish entertainments (the cow jumped over the moon) and the little dog was a lord she referred to as her lap dog.

By the way, the Spoon's marriage was treasonous because she was third in line for the throne. She HAD to have Elizabeth's permission to marry. Lady Mary Grey was caught out when she got pregnant and spent the next seven years in the Tower with her husband and babies. Her two sons were NEVER considered in the succession even when the Stewart line died out.
Are you a peeping tom or were you a victim of a peeping tom?
What are the best strategies that someone can give for someone aspiring to be a peeping tom? Does anyone have any peeping tom stories or were you a victim of a peeping tom? What advice do you have for someone who was a victim?

Just wondering....
Well, I moved recently and am on a "1.5" floor of a 3 apartment building... We have a VERY large picture window that looks right on to the sidewalk.

My neighbors are STRANGE and I would catch them trying to look in as I unpacked...

So I went to Home Depot and got a translucent window film for the bottom half of the window... So I can see out but from the ground, no one can see in.
What is the law on peeping tom?
im not a peeping tom.. but i do have some interests in it since i have read a few questions about them..
what's the law against peeping tom?
say if you are inside your own apartment.. don't you have the right to look out the window and look at whatever you want outside.. as long as i don't disturb otheres..
like what next? you gonna sue me for sitting next to my window and looking outside all day?
It's different when you're looking into someone's window. That's creepy. And illegal.
How Do You Deal With A Peeping Tom, What Are They After?
I Have A Peeping Tom, The Police Cant Catch Him, What Makes Him Tick? Is It Because He Wants Me To Fear Him And Have Control? I Cant Even Sleep At Nite.
Many rapists (and worse) start out that way, you need to be pro-active in getting this guy caught. I like the above suggestion of surveillance camera. Anything to trap him, get him identified and behind bars will help society at large. Do your duty.
How do i find info. on a cop was ahead of an investigation that got fired for peeping tom?
this state patrol officer got a misdemeanor peeping tom charge and was terminated how do i find out if he is a cop elsewhere? and how credible is he?
I found a CO St. Patrol investigator Bufkin arrested for trying to peep at women in dressing rooms at Kolls by doing a simple web search. No info on the outcome though. As a part of the good old boy net he probably is busting johns with another agency. lol
Im looking for a rock song w/ a female lead singer, all i know is shes singing about a peeping tom?
the peeping tom is watching her undresss but she knows it and she just teasing him b/c she likes it too, does anyone know this song?
its "i get off" by halestorm

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