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What are some teen modeling agency that i can send photos too for free too try to become a model?
what are some teen modeling agency's that i can send photos to, to try to become a model.
Not sure what your location is, but here's one in Pittsburgh pa. They love to help and they're currently looking. ~ 412-973-7812
What is the best approach to become a teen model?
I really want to become a teen model. I was wondering what the best way to approach this dream is. I am one yr under the age that they start accepting portfolios at, I am going to be working on a portfolio over the summer.
Like the other people said, send in your pictures to different agencies.

I hope you're individual though.
If you look average your dream is going to be crushed.

People are going to dislike this because I'm being "mean" but you need to get used to it.
If you want to be a model you have to live the lifestyle and accept criticism. The modeling industry is not and will not be candy coated for you. They don't care about your feelings, they care about your measurements and your face.

I hope you're ready for it if you get accepted, it's not a's a lifestyle.
There is no room for fun and no allowance for weight gain.
Modeling has it's ups but it really is a dreadful business and I don't think it should be meant for teenagers and guyren.

You will have days where you have to go to a gig and if you're 5 minutes late they'll tell you never mind, or days when you can't hang out with your friends or go to a school dance because you have to go model.
It's a job.
What are the steps to becoming a teen model?
I'm 11 and i want to become a teen model. This dream isnt big, so when i'm no a teen, i'll move on to becoming a dermatologist(which is my real dream, but i want to take up my teen years with something fun.

I want to see how hard it is to become a teen model, so tell me, what are the steps? Thanks :)
you have to get noticed.. Lol all yung girls wana be either a singer, actress , veterarian or model! The chances of this happening is slim! Stop fantazing and start thinking about a real career!!!

Just guyding guydo,
Try doing community stuff or a talent show at skool. Try putting up videos onto youtube. Join social sites. Try to get noticed
How could i become a teen model?
I dont have support from my parents to become a model.
they wont take me to any agencies and pay anything, and im broke too.
but i rly wanna be a teen model.
is there any way i could become one w/o paying or needin an agency?
You could try and get spotted by a model scout.
Or look up competitions in your area - you could say you would want to do one because you are lacking confidence.
Or say you want to sign up to an agency as a Christmas present or something?
How can i go about being a teen model?
How can i go about being a teen model?
Im about 5'7 5'8 and im 14.I have blonde hair and Ble eyes. I live in LA and i want to become a teen model. How can i do that besides applying on online sites. Can you guys give me some places to go or agencies to call that aren't outrageously expensive? Please!
Thank you so much!
You could ask to be a model for Hollister or Abercrombie or even Aeropostale just ask the manager of the store and bring some friends.
How to become a teen model without a agent?
i really want to become a model and am serious. i need to know if there's any way to become a teen model without a agent!!!!!but is there any way to go into a store and ask about becoming a catalog model or something?im 5.3" and 13 with dirty blonde hair. ive been to jrp and auditioned but i never went through with it because it seemed like a scam.
Most modeling agencies dont want you to have an agent they dont want to see proffesional photos but on all modeling applications it usually says that models ages 13-15 need to be at least 5'7"
How can i become a teen model at 14?
I really think i would be good at modeling. people tell me i should start all the time. i am 14 and aound 5' 9-10''. And i have pretty distinct features. However, i live in a small town and there are no modeling agencies around. i know i have potential but i have no clue where to begin. How can i do this? What are some of the requirements of a teen model?
............a little full of yourself?
"yeah i know..i have potential!"
What are the height restrictions for a teen model?
I am 14 yrs old.I aspire to become a model. My height is 5'4" currently.I am expected to grow more.What are the height restrictions for a teen model? and adult model? at what conditions would they accept a shorter model?
I don't think theyy have height restrictions for teen models because youu are onlyy doingg magazines and stuff but an adult model is 5'9" but that is for runwayy.If youu want to be a magazine model there is no height restriction hope i helped :)
Become a teen model or be on a tv show in ny? 10 points best answer?
I am a 17 year old teen. Many people tell me that i look like a model and i thought about being in a photo shoot or something. And i need money so i thought this would be a good way to get money. Does anyone know a agency or anything that looks for teen girls to model for a magazine or even be on a tv show?
"Kristin" is the best answer giver on yahoo answers (for modeling at least), and I would check out BEST site ever for modeling. Watch the videos. You have to pay an agency, remember that. Get into an agency and pay them- then you get a job and get paid. How it works.
--- Meghan
What is a good weight for a teen model?
I am 5'7 and 14 years old. I really want to be a teen model but I weigh 115. I am not fat,it is more muscle. What is the MOST an average teen model my height should weigh? Any tips on how to loose weight without being unhealthy?
don't loose any weight, you are fine. You are about 1" too short, but w/e. Just don't eat a lot of cheese, drink skim milk, don't drink soda, and try to eat red meets once or twice a week only. Fruits and vegetables can't hurt either

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