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Do you think gay rappers can make it in the biz?
What do you think about a gay rapper in the hip hop industryt?
lmao @ your avatar

I bet that there are gay rappers already
in the industry, but they just are in the closet.
Who are some good gay rappers out there?
I like music with homosexual themes in them. I've also written some rap songs about previous relationships that I've been in (I wrote a great rap about my last boyfriend). Are there any really good gay rappers out there?
really, youre so gay. why do you look for music by gay people? it doesnt matter, if it's good, it's good. i listen to Jedi Mind Tricks, who's like one of the most famous christian hating groups, and yet i am a born again christian. so whats the matter with you? can't you stomach some homophobic (i dont even get this term... people called homophobes dont actually fear gay people, more like hate gay people, so i would say that homophobic is a more offensive term than fag) lines every couple of minutes?

and to answer your question
eminem - raps about his stepdad touching him
lil wayne is gay
everyone else from cock-a-fella (unliike the other guy, i'll say who wrote that line, it was Nas, in Ether)
What rappers are known to be gay?
Lil wayne,birdman,Guru,Eminem,Raekwon,50 cent,Biggie,Tech n9ne,Mf Doom and DMX are all gay.What other rappers are homos,I might want to rock them.
Your gay
Why do all these female rappers/singers claim to be gay or bisexual now?
Ive been hearing about singers coming out and ive seen music videos where the singer or rapper is kissing another woman. Is being gay in style now?
idk but thats f*ked up how you can like your own sex.

i dont support tht at all.

mabey when im drunk && i got two girls kissin on me


but two nikkaz ?? HELLL NAWW.. NEGATIVE!!!
Why arent there any gay rappers?
hmmm just wondering...
i mean i know alot of people wouldnt listen to that person but im just asking.
yeah there are...Kanye West. He just refuses to admit it cause it would hurt his tough rapper image. His "girlfriend" is bald and looks like a man. Since he doesn't actually like real women he got the next best thing...

Kanye and his gf:…
Are there any gay rappers?
or any rappers you suspect are gay. Im not gay or anything just wondering. because there always act tough.
Salvimex is a really great reggaeton/rap group. Katastrophe is an out transgender man in rap.

See: homo hop
(also, not a joke)
Hip Hops Fans: What would you do if you found out your favorite rapper or rappers were gay?
Would you still support them because you like their music or would you turn your back on them by labeling them "homo thugs" and feel disgusted by them?
I wouldn't care. I love their music not there sexuality.
Don't ya think gay rappers are cool? Do you think they can make it? ?
seriously would you support a gay rapper?

i dont think ur entitled to call anybody a ****** u cocck sucker
Are their any openly gay mainstream rappers?
IDK why i wanna gf was just like soulja boy is so gay so it got me thinkin....ya never hear about gay rappers?
yeah idk of any. but once at b ball one dude slapped my ***. i think that's a bit gay

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